transform everyday acts of service into data-driven solutions

Umanity's centralizing platform leverages networks and Big Data to connect community needs and resources in real-time, reducing waste, learning cycles, and duplicate efforts by over 90%!



Umanity connects any product, good, or service provided by any government agency, nonprofit, business, or other resident to those in need.


Every project is simplified to what is needed and where are the resources so everyone involved knows exactly what needs to be (and has been) done.


Multiple individuals and organizations can exchange resources and coordinate efforts to solve large common goals or individual needs.


Organize and mobilize your community by mapping and matching local needs to volunteers and donations with real-time analytics.

Community Canvasing

Find every event, project, organization, need, and resource in one place.

Track Needs

Umanity shows who needs help, what they need, and when they've been helped.

Discover Resources

Shelters, food, water, coaching, training, clothes, and much more at your community's fingertips.

Coordinate Projects

Collaborate with your friends, neighborhood, or city on everything from community restoration to disaster management.

In-Kind or In-App

Donate directly to an organization, cause, project, event, or an individual's need directly.

Measure, Learn, Grow

Data analytics in real-time as you utilize the platform, not years later in a case study.

Who Is Umanity For?

We forge connections and leverage resources in real-time between individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and those in need on a centralized platform. Umanity is for anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference in their community.

For Those In Need

Request any charitable product, good, or service provided by any nonprofit, local business, government agency, or a resident in real-time. There's something for everyone in every community.

For Nonprofits, Churches, Schools, and Charities

Umanity offloads hundreds of hours of resource-matching into a collaborative and rewarding set of tools that turns everyday giving into data-driven solutions for the world’s most challenging humanitarian crises.

For Local Businesses

When anyone engages in any form of philanthropy (such as volunteering or donating), they have some economic impact on their community. Umanity converts your Impact into an in-app currency that can be exchanged at local businesses, coffee shops, and restaurants!

For City Officials

By showing Events, Agencies, Needs, and Resources in a given community and connecting every volunteer hour and donation, Umanity reduces the time cities spend on learning cycles by nearly 90% so you can get those in affected areas what they need faster and cheaper.

Full Suite Features

Umanity captures the true needs of the community, provides the tools and communication to solve the problems, and connects the resources to fuel those endeavors.

News Feed

Stay up-to-date with the latest needs, resources, events, and projects within your community. Never miss out on an opporunity to help (or get help) ever again!

Need Management

For the first time, know exactly what products and services each resident needs and how to coordinate efforts to satisfy each request.

Resource Management

Create asset maps, view shelter ocupancy and supplies, send emergency boats to those trapped during a crisis, and much more.

Impact Tracking

Did you know that every volunteer hour is worth at least $24.00 of economic impact to your community? Umanity converts the impact of your volunteering hours and donation dollars into Impact, our signature in-app currency!

Group Management

Create groups for your community, school, friends, or colleagues! Share resources with one another and stay up-to-date with the needs of your members!

Volunteer Management

Volunteers can donate their time, money, goods, and services to projects, organizations, events, or individuals directly and we keep track of every interaction along the way.

Agency Management

Easily keep track of your volunteers, events, projects, partners, and donors in one place. Community organizing has never been this simple!

Event Management

Events take a lot more than just people; they often need money, catering, goods to be donated and more. Umanity creates more connections between organizations and volunteers than ever before.

Project Management

A project is a series of public-facing goals, each with its own set of events, needs, resources, and partners. What would you like to do for your community?

Branch Management

Everything you need to maximize impact, efficiency, and mission. Manage your departments, branches, and offices from one place! No need for unnecessary accounts!

Donation Management

Receive donations in-app or in-kind. Umanity 10X the efficiency of your organizaiton so you have the power to do much more with less.

Data Analytics

Data fragmentation makes connecting and coordinating community needs to resources is time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. Umanity’s centralizing platform leverages Big Data to coordinate and connect community needs to resources in real-time.

In-App Background Checks

Our platform implements a universal background check with one of the most trusted companies, Checkr. Quick and easy just for you and your volunteers!

Application Manager

Only looking for volunteer over the age of 25? How about those with CPR certification? Set the parameters for every event, project, and connection wth our built-in application system.

Getting Started

Registering your very first resource on the Philanthropic Marketplace is simply, fast, and free!


Our Team

Ryan-Alexander Thomas

Co-founder / CEO

Alec Daling

Co-founder / CTO

Cacique Rich-Martinez


Richard Seline

Senior Advisor

James Kelleher

Director of Community Engagement

Hareesh Menon

Data Scientist


Umanity is a tool meant to be used by all members of a community: residents, nonprofits, churches, charities, businesses, and goverment entities. However, we recognize that there are some members within a community that go the extra mile.
On our platform, they are known as Umanitarians. These individuals are recognized for their commitment to tackling the world's most challenging crises head-on.
This means that you have downloaded the platform in a city we have not officially launched in. You can email and request a beta key!
Our 3-step process makes requesting any product, good, or service intuitive and rewarding. Simply navigate to "My Needs" in the bottom nav bar. Select "Request Need". Then filter available resources by Cause, Location, Delivery/Pick-up Only, and much more!
Even if the resource doesn't currently exist, you can still request it! Relevant organizations and individuals will be notified that someone in the area needs that particular resource and will begin fulfilling your request.
When anyone engages in any form of philanthropy (such as volunteering or donating), they have some economic impact on their community. Umanity converts you Impact into an in-app currency that can be exchanged at local businesses, coffee shops, and restaurants!
Impact is calculated by a series of algorithms that take into consideration (but not limited to) the type of work provided, the type of need being services (if applicable), the time spent addressing the need, and how valuable the work is to the community.
Umanity provides residents the ability to register "Needs by Proxy". A user can register (and track) the needs of their family, neighborhood, church members, and others from one place.
We recognize not everyone has access to a cell phone or the internet, so we came up with a series of mechanisms to ensure the needs of the community are still met!
Umanity is free for residents to sign up, volunteer, donate, register their organization, and manage their needs and resources!

Recent Press

Umanity's CEO Panelist on Connecting Communities Discussion

Hear from guest speakers and a diverse panel of community members followed by audience Q&A that addresses unanswered calls for social, economic, and civic advancement. With a special focus on Houston’s “Bicentennial Child”—born in 2018 and set to graduate from high school as our city turns 200—this series highlights the future of our common humanity as affected by contemporary urban education issues.

  • By C. Vasquez
  • Feb 20, 2020

Smart Cities Connect Conference Key Speaker and Startup Challenge Participant

The panel will discuss best practices for launching and leading a Smart Cities Accelerator that was purposefully designed to integrate city leadership with innovation and industry solutions.Through public/private partnerships and emphasizing a collaborative and needs-based solutions-seeking and cross-domain problem-solving approach, the startups in the Ion Smart Cities Accelerator Cohort 1 integrated their solutions to resiliency, mobility, infrastructure, and digital transformation, into Houston's civic fabric, through seeking pilots with the City of Houston and other organizations.

  • By C. Vasquez
  • Feb 13, 2020
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Mayor Sylvestor Turner Supports Umanity

Ion Smart Cities Accelerator Cohort 1 alumnus, Ryan-Alexander Thomas, had the fortunate opportunity to convene with the City of Houston's Mayor Sylvestor Turner. Umanity's team shows Mayor Turner how the company is uniquely positioned to serve as THE platform for mapping assets, coordinating efforts between all parties involved in community and resilience-focused projects (i.e. disaster management, neighborhood restoration, etc.), and connecting community needs to resources within the City of Houston.

  • By C. Vasquez
  • Feb 13, 2020

Dialogue Houston Features Umanity...Again!

Once again, Laurence Payne (Producer, HCCTV) and Ryan-Alexander Thomas (Founder/CEO, Umanity) sit down to discuss the state of our civic engagement sector. This episode showcases how in the event of an emergency, Umanity is able to:

  • Canvas the area for all emergency relief needs, resources, and efforts.
  • Allow multiple organizations to sponsor relevant resident needs.
  • Notify the public of available resources in real-time.
  • Aggregate community sentiment and allow members of the City to address and respond effectively.
  • Allow multiple organizations and departments to collaborate on providing long-term support post-disaster.
  • By A. Rocci
  • Feb 12, 2020
Episode link

Umanity's CEO Judges Junior Achievement Trade Fair

"What a success!! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our young entrepreneurs at the #JACompanyProgram Trade Fair presented by Gulf Island Fabrication, Inc.! A big thank you to our judges Richard Heo, PhD, MBA, Eric Lin, Girish Selvaraj, and Ryan-Alexander Thomas for meeting with all 26 companies. Another big thank you to LyondellBasell and Frost Bank for empowering these JA Company Program students this year!"

  • By Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas
  • Feb 11, 2020
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Umanity Sponsors the Urban Coalition's African Diaspora Conference

For the urban entrepreneurs, friends and families of African Americans and Africans in Diaspora who are ready to solve problems and innovate to meet Africa’s unmet needs there is tremendous opportunity for business growth and success.

  • By Urban Coalition
  • Dec 18, 2019
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Resilience Investment Conference Panelist

Innovation Conversation: Unleashing Innovators, Entrepreneurs and the GSD Networks Presenters: Ryan-Alexander Thomas - Co-Founder, Umanity), Nile Dixon (2018 Innovator of the Year Awardee), Cacique J Rich-Martinez - Regional Manager, Disaster Recovery for Good360, Terence Narcisse – Founder, East Harris County Empowerment Council.

  • By Richard Seline
  • Dec 4, 2019
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Ion Smart Cities Accelerator's Demo Day

The Ion Smart Cities Accelerator will present its inaugural cohort of companies that are addressing the needs of Houston's people by deploying technology into the infrastructure and civic fabric that makes Houston so strong.

  • By Station Houston
  • Dec 4, 2019
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#SHIFT-ing Houston into a Smart City of the Future: Part Two

Engaged leaders work with Landi Spearman at the Ion Smart Cities Accelerator to develop and refine their start-up organizations and themselves.

  • By Landi Spearman
  • Nov 7, 2019
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Dialogue Houston Interview #2

Laurence Payne and Umanity's Ryan-Alexander Thomas discuss how Umanity is a piece of technology that you can carry with you at all times, giving you insight into what needs to be done in your community and what your community can do for you.

  • By HCCTV
  • Oct 13, 2019
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Umanity Accepted into Ion Smart Cities Accelerator

The program, which is backed by Intel and Microsoft with support from Station, the city of Houston, and TX/RX, announced the 10 startups selected for the 10-month program in late August. The program commenced September 4, but on September 23, the program officially opened its new space in Station...

  • By Natalie Harms
  • Sep 25, 2019
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Dialoge Houston Interview #1

Laurence Payne (HCC) introduces Umanity, a centralizing platform that connects community needs to resources in real-time, during Ryan-Alexander's first appearance on "Dialogue Houston".

  • By HCCTV
  • June 13, 2019
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Umanity visits Blacks Girls Code

To date, BGC has educated and introduced computer programming to over 5,000 girls of color (Black, Latina, and Native American)

  • By Ravi Brahmbhatt
  • June 12, 2019
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Data Analytics Woodlands 2019 Panel Discussion

Umanity is invited to showcase the necessity of including Big Data and data analytics when discussing smart cities and technology.

  • By Chris V.
  • June 3, 2019

USPACC Pitch Competition 2019 Finalist

"Congratulations to Umanity, ROYBI, Basepair, Chair, GrowSquare, Lazarus 3D for making it to USPAACC | What's Your Pitch? Semi-Finals!""

  • By Ravi Brahmbhatt
  • May 29, 2019
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