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Tools for Building Community Resilience

Umanity is a crowdsourcing platform for connecting and coordinating community members, projects, and resources to address local needs in real-time.

Transform everyday acts of service into data-driven solutions.

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The Problem

We have an urgent need to work together to rebuild our communities but don't have the platform nor the necessary data to do so.
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“Nonprofits struggle to survive as revenue plummets amid Coronavirus. "It's devastation," said Rick Cohen, chief operating officer for the National Council of Nonprofits. ”
The Wall Street Journal
March 30, 2020
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“In the twenty-first century, building resilience is one of our most urgent social and economic issues because we live in a world that is defined by disruptions.”
Judith Rodin
Philanthropist / Author
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“What can be really challenging always, but particularly in crisis rapid-response giving, is things seem to be moving so fast...It’s hard to know what matters and who’s the right nonprofit to give to.”
Katherina Rosqueta
Executive Director, University of Pennsylvania Center for High Impact Philanthropy
Get what you need when you need it

Do you need water? Are you running low on toiletries? Know someone who doesn't have access to electricity, internet, or other utilities? Request any product, good, or service on Umanity and get connected with individuals, nonprofits, and other organizations in the area that are ready and willing to help you, your family, or anyone you might know!

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“Thank you, Umanity!!!”
Track your economic impact

Do you have extra toiletries, cleaning supplies, food, water, or other resources? Are you able to help support a family in need? Register any product, good, or service you're willing to donate and connect to needs in real-time while measuring the economic impact of every donation.

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“Two words... Simply amazing.”
Crowdsource your cause

For the first time, there is a centralizing platform that shows who needs help, what they need, who is helping, how I can help, and how can I receive help, all in one place. State-of-the-art tools help your programs, projects, and personnel reduce waste, duplication of efforts and missed connections by over 90%.

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“Every non-profit needs this app. Period!”
55% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies.

Employees that are actively involved in the community are also acting as brand ambassadors. The more engaged and invested they are in your organization, and the greater community, the more productive they will be. In fact, companies with highly engaged employees saw 21% better business profitability. What could be better than happy employees promoting your brand while helping their neighbors?

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“Umanity helps tell our company's story. We like to give and donate, but we love knowing that what we do truly matters.”
Collaborate on everything from community restoration to disaster management

Find every event, project, organization, need, and resource in one place. Donate directly to an organization, cause, project, event, or an individual's need directly. Data analytics in real-time as you utilize the platform, not years later in a case study.

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“Needs? Check. Resources? Check. Actual coordination and not just another social media post? Double-check.”

Here's how it works

Umanity is free for residents to sign up, volunteer, donate, register their organization, and manage their needs and resources!
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    Create a free account

    It all starts here. Tell us who you are and what you care about!

    Create one now
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    Set your goals

    Does your family need rent assistance? Does your organization need food, volunteers, donations? Would you like to plant 10,000 trees? Volunteer at least 1 hour a week with veterans?

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    Get your tools

    Umanity offers subscription services for resource, need, case/client, volunteer/event, donation, and project management in addition to public-facing white label sites.

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    Connect and coordinate

    Umanity’s true strength is the network of individuals, businesses, charities, and nonprofits working together to strengthen the community. We are actively looking for more partners to join us. Invite your friends and local community organizations to become a part of the Philanthropic Marketplace.

What you get with Umanity

Tools to bridge the gap between industry and analytics to bring forth a new era of civic engagement.
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Resource Distribution
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Asset Mapping
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Project Managment
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Need Coordination
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Real-time updates
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Nonprofit/Impact Consulting
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Event/Volunteer Tools
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Actionable Insights
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Donation Management
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Data Analytics
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Case/Client Management
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Marketplace Technology

A connected community is a resilient community

Reduce Duplications of Effort

When a resident can have their needs (groceries/food, financial assistance, work, medical, etc.) be tended to collaboratively and collevtively, duplication of efforts can drop by half overnight.

Get help in real-time

Umanity shows who needs help, what they need, and when they've been helped. Organizations can distribute resources 11X faster using Umanity's resource and case management tools.

Save time and money

Cities now have access to data that increases transparency and accuracy of activity while reducing the time they, coalitions, and nonprofits spend on logistics by nearly 90%.

Increase efficiency

By distilling the needs and resources of any city into actionable and collaborative projects while providing access to every facet of philanthropic activity, Umanity increases efficiency of engaged parties by over 900%.

Stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, needs, and resources in your community with the push of a button.

Track and measure your impact

Umanity is a network of communities, designed to collaborate, coordinate, and connect needs to resources in real-time while measuring the economic impact of every donation and volunteer.



Smart Cities Connect Conference Key Speaker and Startup Challenge Participant

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Philanthropic supply chain tool connects Houstonians with resources during coronavirus crisis

A Houston startup that has been working in a pilot program capacity with the city of Houston has accelerated the rollout of its platform to help connect and coordinate people's needs to resources in real-time during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Umanity's CEO Panelist on Connecting Communities Discussion

Hear from guest speakers and a diverse panel of community members followed by audience Q&A that addresses unanswered calls for social, economic, and civic advancement.

Ready to make a difference?

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Umanity is a tool meant to be used by all members of a community: residents, nonprofits, churches, charities, businesses, and goverment entities. However, we recognize that there are some members within a community that go the extra mile. On our platform, they are known as Umanitarians. These individuals are recognized for their commitment to tackling the world's most challenging crises head-on.
This means that you have downloaded the platform in a city we have not officially launched in. You can email and request a beta key!
Our 3-step process makes requesting any product, good, or service intuitive and rewarding. Simply navigate to "My Needs" in the bottom nav bar. Select "Request Need". Then filter available resources by Cause, Location, Delivery/Pick-up Only, and much more! Even if the resource doesn't currently exist, you can still request it! Relevant organizations and individuals will be notified that someone in the area needs that particular resource and will begin fulfilling your request.
When anyone engages in any form of philanthropy (such as volunteering or donating), they have some economic impact on their community. Umanity converts you Impact into an in-app currency that can be exchanged at local businesses, coffee shops, and restaurants! Impact is calculated by a series of algorithms that take into consideration (but not limited to) the type of work provided, the type of need being services (if applicable), the time spent addressing the need, and how valuable the work is to the community.
Umanity provides residents the ability to register "Needs by Proxy". A user can register (and track) the needs of their family, neighborhood, church members, and others from one place. We recognize not everyone has access to a cell phone or the internet, so we came up with a series of mechanisms to ensure the needs of the community are still met!
Umanity is free for residents to sign up, volunteer, donate, register their organization, and manage their needs and resources!
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