Organize and mobilize your community by mapping and matching local needs to volunteers and donations with real-time analytics.

Community Canvassing

Find every event, project, organization, need, and resource in one place.

Track Needs

Umanity shows who needs help, what they need, and when they've been helped.

Discover Resources

Shelters, food, water, coaching, training, clothes, and much more at your community's fingertips.


Coordinate Projects

Collaborate with your friends, neighborhood, or city on everything from community restoration to disaster management.

In-Kind or In-App

Donate directly to an organization, cause, project, event, or an individual's need directly.

Measure, Learn, Grow

Data analytics in real-time as you utilize the platform, not years later in a case study.

Download and get started for free

Umanity is free for residents to sign up, volunteer, donate, register their organization, and manage their needs and resources!

How Does It Work?

Umanity captures the true needs of the community, provides the tools and communication to solve the problems, and connects the resources to fuel those endeavors.

1Register Your Needs

Do you or your organization need food, volunteers, donations? Request any product, good, or service provided by any nonprofit, local business, government agency, or a resident in real-time.

2Register Your Resources

Do you have extra toiletries, cleaning supplies, food, water, or other resources? Are you able to help support a family in need? Easily register anything you're willing to donate.

3Connect and Coordinate

For the first time, there is a centralizing platform that shows who needs help, what they need, who is helping, how I can help, and how can I receive help, all in one place. Instantly.

Our Team

We are bridging the gap between industry and analytics to bring forth a new era of civic engagement.


Ryan-Alexander Thomas


Alec Daling


Christie Brannon


Jacob Daling

Your Community Needs Your Help

Umanity’s true strength is the network of individuals, businesses, charities, and nonprofits working together to strengthen the community. We are actively looking for more partners to join us. Invite your friends and local community organizations to become a part of the Philanthropic Marketplace.

Try it for free

Umanity is a tool meant to be used by all members of a community. View and request the resources in your area today!

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